Reinventing investing to be collaborative & inclusive by empowering communities to build wealth together

Hedge is the first financial institution built to be inclusive from day one. Our mission is to create real pathways out of systemic poverty & wealth inequality by empowering communities to build intergenerational wealth together. We’re starting by providing self-directed investing (invest alone and/or in a group with friends), interactive learning resources, and an inclusive network of investor communities. With this, we will onboard an inclusive userbase into investing at the earliest stages, providing them with the tools they need to start investing for the long-run. We then hope to grow alongside investors over time and, in doing so, aim to build an inclusive, end-to-end brokerage service to support the next generation across each stage of their lives.

Kyle Al-Rawi
Co-founder & CEO
Yash Khandelwal
Co-founder & CFO

Yash and I each signed up for our first brokerage accounts the day we turned 18 - feeling the same urgency that's driven so many other young Americans to take charge of their personal finances early. However, our backgrounds weren't particularly conducive to having those around us who could help us get started with investing. This kept us on the sidelines until we met in college, where we found that many of our friends had similar experiences. This led us to form a group chat so we could take on the challenge together, which allowed us to start learning to invest. However, we quickly realized that we couldn't actually invest together, and were once again struck by the much more profound issue of the lack of inclusion in investing. Realizing the importance that investing has in determining one's financial future and the lasting ramifications of a system that fails to provide equitable pathways for Americans to build wealth, we were overcome with a desire to bring about the profound change that we knew our financial system to be so desperately in need of, and decided to start Hedge.

Hedge is the first of a new breed of financial institutions, built to be inclusive from day one, and created uniquely for the 150M+ Americans that have been historically disenfranchised from our financial system. Our mission is to create real pathways out of systemic poverty & wealth inequality, and to help young Americans start building their financial futures through sustainable investing strategies.

Kyle Al-Rawi
Co-founder, CEO of Hedge

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